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Open the faucet that distributes Satoshi from 50 to 50 000 Satoshi

Кран сново заработал,Все ошибки исправлены
Tap again earned All bugs fixed

Balance: 28 satoshi

In which the payoff will be:
80 Satoshi = 60%
100 Satoshi = 20%
200 Satoshi = 10%
500 Satoshi = 4%
5000 Satoshi = 3%
25000 Satoshi = 2%
50000 Satoshi = 1%
every 30 minutes.

Что бы кнопка стала активной кликните по рекламе .Сначало активируйте кнопку а затем вводите капчу.


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The history of bitcoins
In recent months bitcoin has taken a big piece of a news broadcast. To ignore this trend is simply impossible. TJournal decided for himself and his readers to understand this question, examining to begin with the story of the origin, formation, development and fall of the first popular cryptocurrency in the world. October 2008. Beginning On the last day of October 2008 on the website a document that describes the essence of a distributed cryptocurrency called "bitcoin". The Creator — or a group of people hiding under the name Satoshi Nakamoto (Satoshi Nakamoto), sent a description of its currency to the subscribers mailing list gmane.comp.encryption.general. In the letter, Nakamoto said that he is working on a new electronic cash system, and described its properties: protection from fraudulent transactions, independence from any particular organizations, and the possibility of anonymous use. read more

Вот и кончилось лето, реферальные выплаты стали как прежде а вознаграждение увеличилось до 80 сатошей.К новому году вас ожидает сюрприз. Оставайтесь с нами.

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